Section Property - Introduction

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Welcome to Bridgeautomation's Section Property Calculator (SectionProp).

Entering data into text boxes or text areas (input area) are read by the program once you move the focus outside the input area. Some sections or shapes will have a submit button. The submit button has the same behavior as moving the focus outside of the input area.

Use the Choose Button shown below to upload input files from your computer.

The image links shown below will create output files. The XML file is used to store input on your computer for future use. The TXT and PDF files are strictly output files.

Arbitrary Shape
Below is shown the text area used for input of your shape. Solid areas are entered clockwise. Voids are entered anticlockwise. X Y coordinates are separated by carriage returns (enter key) or commas. Coordinates by default are input in an absolute coordinate system. The 'r' or 'R' defines a point that is relative to the previous coordinate.

For Microsoft Explorer users if you plan to save xml files to your computer we suggest you use commas as the coordinate deliminator and prepend the characters "[ie]" in front of the coordinates list. See below for an example. There's a bug in Explorer that causes the input text area to ignore line breaks. Worst of all leading negative signs will be lost

Conc Box Girder Section
Torsional constant is calculated by the method of simulaneous equations. The method is is outline here:
Link To Reference